QuakeKare Child Care and Safety Survival Kit

QuakeKare Child Care and Safety Survival Kit

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Accessory kit to any standard survival kit with additional emergency supplies specifically designed for child care safety. This custom built kit is designed to protect your child from many of the common, everyday dangers that lay in the home or from any number of dangers outside of the home.


  • (1) Child ID & Records Kit - Fignerprint ID cards and more. Help identify those who are lost or go missing.
  • (12) Outlet Safety Plugs - Easy for adults to remove; impossible for kids. Simple and very effective.
  • (3) Doorknob Grips - Keeps kids from entering dangerous rooms. Block entry or exit at an adult's discretion.
  • (4) Safety Corner Bumpers - Makes sharp corners safe for kids. Stops most common household accident.
  • (7) Child Safety Cabinet Latches - Keeps kids from opening cabinets. Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.
  • (1) All Purpose Safety Strap - Keep kids out of dangerous area. Wide variety of applications.
  • (1) Automatic Night Light - Night light and power failure light in one. Provides light during a power outage.
  • (2) Pairs of Furniture Fastening Straps - Safely anchor furniture. Arrange as desired to prevent accidents.
  • (1) ER™ Survival Guide - Designed for All Emergencies and Locations.
  • (1) Packaged in ER™ Flip-top Waterproof Container

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